Nothing but your music goes in. Nothing but nothing comes out Acid sharp details, rich creamy bass

MiniDarts TODO:

1 SoundProof™

Stop your music and conversations from disappearing into thin air. Dual-injected silicone eartips seal out more ambient noise than conventional ones. 2-way noise isolation so you hear every note and every word with no leaks, no spills and no dirty looks from those around you.

2 CustomFit

Maximum comfort with minimalist looks. You get a snug, velvety, custom fit thanks to the compact size of the earphones and the smooth, pliable silicone eartips that mould the shape of your ear canal. Try them on and you may never take them off.

3 StudioSession

C. L. A. R. I. T. Y. The more you listen the more you hear. Acid sharp details. Vivid mids. Bass like molten gold. Every note, every word, every pulse pops out with breathtaking precision. Uncover hidden layers in every track. Feel your music from a fresh perspective.

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Compatibility: For iPad, iPod and other mp3 players