Digital Spy / 7 November 2014

Digital Spy

7 November 2014

For a good while now we have been fans of what Atomic Floyd are doing. They make premium in-ear headphones that offer up some of the best sound quality you can get for the price.

What stands out, though, is the build quality. These are very nicely put-together things, up there with B&O's H6 range of over-ear kit for pure fit and finish. They might be small, but the attention to detail definitely makes them feel like they are worth the money.

Here is what really matters. The Atomic Floyd way of doing things is quite different in terms of how it tunes and sets up its audio. It isn't for everyone, but unlike Beats, nothing ever gets overwhelming.

Basically, you've got plenty of low-end shove with loads of bass, but it's never overbearing. This is then tied up with a very detailed high end that really shows off the headphones' ability to deliver a nuanced and detailed sound.

The rest of the audio experience is stellar and, paired with what we would argue is best-in-class noise isolation, makes the SuperDarts very good indeed. At £249 they aren't cheap, but at this level of premium grade audio, they are among the best.

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