Macworld Australia / 13 July 2013

Macworld Australia

13 July 2013

They might be the cheapest of the Atomic Floyds, but the PowerJax + Remotes are our favourite model. There’s just something about the look, the comfort and the audio that ticks all the boxes.

Atomic Floyd has built up an excellent reputation on the back of a range of earphones featuring metal construction and superior sound.

Comfort-wise, these are the best Atomic Floyds we’ve tried. We’ve found the metal earpieces a bit heavy in the past, but these sit so nicely in our ears due to the angled tips that this wasn’t an issue.

Looking at the audio in general, the earphones tread a line between artificial but pleasing warmth and cold accuracy. The sound is expansive and all-encompassing. It’s slightly bright in the treble, but the mids are great and the bass is big but not fake.

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